The origin of the church can be traced back to 22nd March 1881 when a few members of the Wesleyan Church met to discuss the setting up of a ‘free’ church. They held their meetings in private homes, local Cooperative rooms, and in the Miners’ Hall, until they were able to find funding for the construction of the current Church building.

On the 29th May 1882, the members voted to join with other Lay’ Churches in the area, to form the Sunderland   Circuit, and later, the Northern Counties Christian Lay Churches’ Confederation. With the confidence of support by the Confederation, the land was purchased to build the church, the foundation stone being laid on Good Friday 1884, and completed and opened on 6th September 1884. Originally it was known as the  Easington Lane Lay Church; and by 1909, it became the Easington Lane Independent Methodist Church.

The Sunday School was a temporary building alongside the church until September 1955 when it was destroyed by a storm and a decision was made to have a permanent building constructed. Permission was granted to use bricks from local colliery houses which were being demolished to make way for  council housing stock. the members of the church took on the task of cleaning and preparing the bricks, before carrying out the building of the schoolroom, which was opened 10th October 1959

The Churchs first Minister was

And our current Ministers are

Mary Grey

Jean Merton

Student Minister Kay White

For all other Ministers if the Church check out our Heritage page