Church President Messages

December 2022

Dear friends;

On behalf of everyone at Easington Lane Independent Methodist

Church, I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and 2023.
I know that for many this Christmas will be tinged with sadness as it may be
the first without a loved one. We pray that you will remember the happiness
you shared with them, the memories you made together in years gone by; and
in their memory make happy memories for those who remain with you.
If you are spending Christmas alone, we pray that you will feel God’s
presence, He is always just a prayer away, and through the Power of His
Spirit, He can fill your heart with love.
Whatever you are doing this Christmas, may we all remember it’s not about all
the parties, the presents, the food, it’s all about Jesus; the babe in the manger
who grew up to be the Man on the Cross, the Man who died so that we could
be forgiven and made worthy to have a relationship with God our Heavenly
Father. If you haven’t already done so, accept this gift so freely given, the gift
God Bless

Dear Friends, [old and new],
On behalf of the congregation at Easington Lane IM
Church, I wish you all a very Blessed Easter.
If able, you are very welcome to join us for our Easter services; Friday at 12
noon, and Sunday at 5-30pm. If you are unable to come in person,
arrangements can be made for you to join us via zoom, [contact the church
secretary who will inform you of the meeting ID and Passcode].
On Friday 15th we will remember the sacrificial death of Jesus, and on Sunday
17 th we will rejoice at His resurrection.
Because Jesus died the gates of heaven have been opened to all who believe
and trust in Him.
Easter is truly a time to celebrate.
God Bless
Jean [Church Pres/Minister]

Prayer for Ukraine

Dear Friends, please join with us in this prayer for Ukraine.

Living Lord, You are an all-knowing God, You know exactly what is going on in
the world, and in the lives of individuals. You not only know, You care; every
person is precious to You, and when a person suffers, You share their pain.
We pray for all who are suffering through the actions of Russia against Ukraine.
We pray for all political leaders as they work together to bring this war to a
peaceful end. Give them the guidance they need to make the right decisions,
decisions that will avoid further conflict.
We ask a special blessing on the people of Ukraine, those who have left and
those about to leave, may they find a safe haven, and we thank you Lord for all
those who have opened their borders and indeed their homes in welcome to
these people. Bless and protect those who for various reasons, [to fight, to
protect] have decided to remain, keep them safe.
We pray for the Russian leaders that they will have a change of heart, that they
will count the cost of their actions, and stop this invasion.
Bless all who mourn the death of loved ones, and all those who have been
injured physically and mentally.
Lord in Your great mercy hear the prayers of Your people and bring peace to
this land.
We ask all things in the precious Name of Jesus


Christmas Message

Dear Friends [old and new],
I pray you are keeping well. Where does the time
go? It doesn’t seem long since I penned the letter wishing you a blessed
Christmas 2020, and a Happy 2021, now here we are about to celebrate
Christmas 2021 and welcome in another new year.
Like all years, this has been a year of highs and lows, many due to the effects of
the pandemic, which sadly is still affecting our daily lives.
I pray as we leave 2021 behind us, that we will treasure the memories of the
good times and that through the trials we have had to endure we have learnt
lessons that will give us strength in the future.
As we move forward into a new year, may we do so trusting in the knowledge
that God loves us and has promised never to leave us nor forsake us, so
whatever lies ahead He will be with us each step of the way.
We will be holding our Annual Carol Service on Sunday 19 th Dec at 5-30, then a
Christmas Sing-a-long on Monday 20th Dec. 6-8pm.
You are welcome to attend both the above, also our weekly Sunday Service,
be assured that you will receive a warm welcome. We would also like to invite
your children/ grandchildren to our weekly JAM Clubs, they are held every
Sunday, Junior session for 3-11 year olds is 10-30am to 11-30am and the senior
group age11 plus, meets after the Evening service at approx. 6-45pm [we
encourage the older group to attend the church service but it is not
Please note the Carol Service and our weekly Sunday Evening Services are
available via Zoom. JAM Club will not be on during the holidays and will
resume on Jan 9 th 2022. If you want more details of either our services or JAM
Club please contact us.
On behalf of all the officials and members, I wish you all a very blessed
Christmas and 2022.
God Bless
Jean [Pres./Minister]


Dear Friends,
I pray you are all keeping well. Even while living within the
government guidelines of social-distancing and bubbles etc., time flies by.
I’m sure, like me, many of you were disappointed that no restrictions were
lifted on June 21 st ; now we look forward to what July 19 th brings.
How we look forward to being able to open the church doors to anyone and
everyone, and to once again enjoy singing our hymns of praise to God.
However, whether the restrictions are lifted this month or even later, we still
have so much to thank God for.
As already reported, our WA and CE will not be re-opening, we are praying for
God’s guidance on the way forward.
On a more positive note our Bible Study which used to meet fortnightly has
now gone on to be a weekly meeting. At present we still meet via zoom, our
numbers are still small yet we are greatly blessed as we read and study God’s
word together. We look forward to others sharing with us.
On Sunday July 4 th , we celebrated, as we welcomed Linda Kennedy into church
membership. We pray God will continue to guide Linda, so that she will
enhance the work of the church but more importantly that she will be used for
the extension of God’s Kingdom.
When the restrictions are lifted, be assured you will receive a warm welcome if
you wish to attend any of our services, we would love to see you. All the
information you need of services, meetings, or get-togethers, will be
advertised on this web-site.
Should you ever wish to talk to someone please feel free to get in touch with
us via this web-site; or by calling our Secretary.
Take care.
God Bless
Jean [President/Minister]

April Newsletter

Dear Friends,
I pray you are all keeping well. We are now into our 13 th month of
lockdowns and restrictions. I am sure many of you, like myself, live alone, and
therefore have had very little if any physical contact with another human
being, even those within my bubble have kept at a safe distance, how I look
forward to being able to reach out and touch family and friends.
Thankfully, we can see light at the end of what for many is a very dark
tunnel. Many of us have now received our first vaccination, and we are starting
to see the distribution of the second dose.
We continue to pray for the men and women who continue to lead us
through this difficult time; we pray God will give them the wisdom they need
to make the right decisions.
We praise and thank God that our church is once again open for worship
although restrictions are still in place and only our regular congregation can
attend. We look forward to the day when we can invite you all to come and
share in fellowship with us.
This weekend we are celebrating Easter, the most significant event on the
Christian calendar.
2 nd April at 10-45am. Kay White, [student Minister] will conduct our Good
Friday Service.
4 th April at 5-30pm I, with the help of a few members of our congregation will
conduct our Easter Day service.
Both these services and all our Sunday Evening services will be on Zoom, if you
wish to join us, details can be obtained from our church secretary.
However and wherever you plan to celebrate Easter, I pray it will be a time
of blessing.
If you ever need to talk to someone, please contact me via this web-site.
Take care.
God Bless
Jean [president/minister]

March 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
I hope you are keeping safe and well. We are fast approaching the
anniversary of the first lockdown. It has certainly been a strange 12 months,
and I am sure we have all at times faced difficulties. There are family and
friends who we haven’t seen in person over the last year, but we are thankful
that we all have means by which we can keep in touch.
Now we praise and thank God that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel
we are in. As the vaccine is distributed, and lock down begins to slowly
decrease, we pray that this pandemic will become part of history. Covid will
still be with us, but as we build up immunity to it and find better treatments,
we pray it will no longer be as wide spread or as lethal.
As a church we have still held a service every Sunday either in our church
building or via zoom. At present we are using zoom. Now that most of our
congregation has had their first vaccine, at our Annual General Meeting, held
on Friday 5 th Mar. [via zoom], the decision was made to open the church
building once again for Sunday services on March 14 th 2021, we will still be
observing the safe distance rule, and be limited to a congregation of 30.
However, for those who still feel it is unsafe to attend, the services will be
continue to be zoomed. [Details are available from Amelia our Church Sec.]
As a church we know that we will have new challenges to face, but we will face
them with confidence for we know we have a Great God, who has proved that
He is with us at all times, and He will continue to guide and uphold us
whatever the future holds.
I look forward to seeing you in the very near future, in the meantime take care,
and if you need to talk, the church officials and myself are just a phone call
God Bless
Jean [President/Minister]

February Newsletter.

Dear friends,
I pray you are all keeping safe, and that you and your families are
well. We are now into the second month of 2021, and once again, as we are
very limited in where we can go and who we can see, I am surprised how
quickly time is passing.
Thankfully after 11 very strange and difficult months, we have the hope that
the end is in sight as every day thousands of people are being vaccinated
against Covid.
We praise and thank God, for the medical scientists who have worked so hard
to find a vaccine, a process which normally takes years has been achieved in
months. We continue to pray for the manufacturers of the vaccines and that it
will be available to all nations, not just the affluent; we pray also for those in
charge of the distribution.
We are so thankful that our government’s target of vaccinating, all key-
workers, nursing home residents, and the over 70’s [if wanted], by Feb 15 th is
on track.
Although during this present lock-down churches were still allowed to hold
worship services with limited numbers, we at Easington Lane IM Church,
because most of our congregation is over 70, or vulnerable, made the decision
to close. Our Sunday Evening Services continue via Zoom; you are very
welcome to join with us. If you wish to do so, please contact our secretary.
As we look back over the last 11 months, let us not dwell on the negatives but
thank God for the positives. As we look to the future may we do so with
confidence knowing that God will be with us.
If you ever need to talk to someone please contact me through this web-page.
Take care
Jean[Church President]

December 2020

Hello, old friends and new,

Christmas is just around the corner, as I write these words, we are still in the dark as to what restrictions will be in place over the Christmas holiday, whatever they are, one thing is sure, how we celebrate Christmas will be different this year. Yet we still have much to thank God for. 

Usually, we are so busy, those involved in various organizations would be preparing for Christmas Parties, and it is sad that these will not be taking place, but we can make up for it next year. Even in church, there are various events, Christmas Fayres, Sponsored Carol Singing, Christmas lunches, Sunday School parties etc., and then of course the Annual Carol Service, which is probably the best attended service of the year. All these things don’t just happen. Sadly, even Christians can be so busy, [doing work for the Lord], that the real meaning of Christmas, can take second place.

This year will be quieter, so let us use our time wisely and remember WHO and WHAT we are celebrating. There is nothing wrong with any of the above, as long as JESUS is at the forefront.

We read in John 1:14;“So the Word became human, and made His home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen His glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.”

Jesus left His heavenly home to live among us, He didn’t come as a King or a man of wealth and authority, He came as a baby born in a humble stable, brought up in a working class family; He shared the joys and sorrows of human life. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a God who knows and understands us, no matter what our circumstances; He has been here and lived through it. Jesus, however, didn’t come just to help us during our journey through life, He came to pay the penalty for our sin; through Him the gates of heaven have been opened to all who believe and trust in Him.

Isn’t that something to celebrate?

We will be holding our Carol Service on Sunday 20th Dec at 5-30pm, sadly due to the restrictions on numbers, only regular members of our congregation can attend, however the service will be zoomed so we would love you to join with us. Details will be available later.

If you are unable to be with family and friends this year, remember you are not alone God is always with you. If you start to feel down, do what I do, put on a CD or turn the radio on, and don’t just listen, sing along with your favourite songs, hymns, carols etc. My neighbours might not be best pleased but it always lifts my spirits.

On behalf of all the congregation I wish you all a blessed Christmas, and we pray that 2021 will be a year of Peace, Health and Prosperity.

Whatever the future holds, we can be certain God will be with us.

God Bless

Jean [President]

November 2020

Hi. Everyone; another month has flown by and we are still having to live with restrictions. Unfortunately it seems that they will not be lifted in the near future; however, we still have much to thank God, Our family and friends; I know we cannot meet up with many of them but we all have some means by which we can keep in contact with them; As the dark long nights of winter approach, we can be thankful that we have warm homes to live in. As Christians we continue to be thankful that we can worship within our church buildings, and for those still unable to come to church, there are plenty of options available by which they can worship, Zoom, Facebook, television, and of course there is much printed material available.

November has always been a busy month, the end of which brings us to the season of Advent. Nov.5th was always an exciting time in my younger days; many families had their own small bonfires in their back gardens, but there were also numerous bigger bonfires built on common ground, and there was much rivalry among the young people who had built them. In the days leading up to the 5th, they’d go knocking on doors collecting anything that would burn, from old chairs to old planks of wood, it was a time when everybody got rid of their rubbish. In their enthusiasm to have the biggest and best it was not unknown for the lads, to go under the cover of darkness and raid other bonfires; and of course at school the next morning you would be so proud if you could announce your bonfire was still burning.  Happy Days!!

Thinking of those long-gone days reminded me that as surely as we need to get rid of the rubbish in our homes, we need to get rid of all the rubbish that accumulates in our hearts and minds. The holding on to a grudge, remembering harsh words spoken to you or by you, feelings of jealousy and anger, the list can be endless. Now is the time to go to God and ask that by the power of His Spirit, He will help us rid our hearts and minds of all that hinders our relationship with Him; that we will have the strength to forgive those who need our forgiveness and ask forgiveness from those whom we have sinned against, that we will count our blessing instead of counting the blessings of others. It isn’t easy but with God’s help we can do it, and we can become better equipped to serve God. 

On Sunday Nov 15th we will be holding our Annual Memorial Service, sadly, because of the restrictions, we are unable to invite families who have been bereaved over the last 12 months, we will however be reading out the names of the deceased and lighting a candle in their memory. If you wish to join with us via Zoom, please contact the church secretary. Hopefully in 2021 we will be able to invite all who have been bereaved this year and next.

Take care of yourselves and keep safe especially on bonfire night. 

God Bless


October 2020

Dear Friends,

                       I pray you are all keeping well, and safe. I imagine none of us expected that 6 months down the line we would still be living with restrictions on how we go about our everyday lives. Although over the past couple of months, some restrictions have been lifted, every day the government are giving us new guidelines; and we are possibly facing yet another lockdown.

      However, God has been with us throughout these strange times, and no matter what the future holds we can be assured He will continue to be with us and give us the strength to endure. Great is His Faithfulness.

   We praise and thank God that all the churches in Easington Lane are now open for Sunday Worship. Sadly there are still quite a number of our congregation who as yet feel unable to return, we miss them and we pray they will soon feel well enough and safe enough to join with us.

Although, because of the restriction on numbers most funerals services are either at the graveside or crematorium, we held a funeral service in the church for George Dunn, our prayers and thoughts continue to be with George’s family and all others who are mourning the death of a loved one.

Janet Fenwick and Charles Forsyth had planned their wedding to take place in April, sadly due to the lockdown at that time it had to be postponed. However, the sadness they had felt was replaced with much joy and happiness, when on Sept 22nd, in the presence of their closest family and friends, they exchanged their vows. It was a time of great blessing for all who were in the church and also family and friends who joined with us via Zoom. [including family in Canada].   We pray God will grant Janet and Charles a long happy life together.

  Now after the success of using Zoom for the above service, if there is a need, our Sunday Evening Service will go out on Zoom, so if you are unable to attend a church and you wish to join with us, please contact the church secretary.

Take care and keep safe

God Bless

Jean [Church President]

September 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I pray you are all keeping well and continuing to cope during these strange times.

For the past 23 weeks we have printed service sheets, which I hope you received and found beneficial. The church has been open for 8 weeks, and we now have our Daily Reading booklets, therefore, the decision has been made not to issue any more weekly services.

It is our hope that it won’t be too long before you are able to share in fellowship with us in church on a Sunday Evening. Be assured we are following all the government guidelines and the church is as safe an environment as we can make it. 

We are in the process of getting Wi-Fi in the church so that in future our services can go out live via Zoom, for those who are unable to be with us in person. Anyone with a Smart-phone, i-pad, or computer and a Wi-Fi connection can download the Zoom app.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless


August 2020. ( amended 8th August )

Dear Friends,

As you know, we opened the Church doors again at the beginning of July. Although it is still very different to our normal worship services, it has proved to be a great time of blessing. The necessary measures advised by the government are working well and we would love to see you all whenever you feel the time is right. However, we fully understand the reasons some of you have chosen to remain at home.

Amendment 8th August

Following Government guidance the wearing of masks is now mandatory

We are going to continue providing service sheets for those who are continuing to self-isolate and enclosed are service sheets that were produced by our North East Circuit in May/June/July. I have amended some things depending on our current situation as some of the items may now seem out of date. However, the message remains unchanged and we pray you will find encouragement and comfort from the words.

We still have our zoom catch up on a Wednesday evening too which starts at 8pm and we would be more than happy to arrange for you to be included. It’s really easy to use and all you need is a smartphone, ipad, tablet or laptop and access to WiFi. Let us know if you’d like to join by telephoning Amelia on 0191 5269107.

The Church is also open on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 3pm for personal prayer. This is a time where you could come and be quiet before God in His House. You don’t need to stay for the full hour, you are welcome to pop in and leave whenever you like.

As always, I am only a phone call away should you need a chat about anything at all. Be assured of my continued prayers and my love.

God Bless

Jean Merton (President)

0191 526 4057

Date 10th July 2020

Following the successful reopening of the church last Sunday for worship we will continue to open every Sunday for our 5.30pm service

To add to this the church will be open every Thursday between 2 to 3 pm for private prayer

Both times are open to everyone and will continue to be subject to social distancing as per our guidelines

Date 28th June 2020

Amended 22nd July 2020:

Following Government guidance we as a Church are looking to open our doors for worship commencing 5th July

The following Risk Assessment has been written and agreed by the officials of the church

                                  Easington Lane IM Church

RISK ASSESSMENT;  prior to opening building for personal prayer and eventually, worship.

Please note we have contacted our insurance company and the only stipulation they have made is that we adhere to the regulations issued by the government.

Until all restrictions are lifted we will be only using, the church, the hall and the toilets in the hall. Until instructed otherwise, no singing will be allowed.


A] Social Distancing.

B] Cleaning.

C] Good Hygiene

D] Information and guidance.


A] Building check,

B] Airing of building.

C] Checking all electric equipment, heating and water.


High Priority

A] Social Distancing

All members of the congregation will need to wear a face mask for the duration of there time within the church as per government guidelines

As we use pews, we propose to rope off some rows, if necessary remove some pews, and then mark where people can sit, making sure they are at the distance recommended by the government. If required, we can use chairs in choir, which will also be placed at the required distance. We will have a one-way system, [clearly marked] and people will be directed to use the available seats in order. The middle pews, which are longer will be available for use by those who share a home. 

The offering plates will be at the back of the church for people to use when they enter the building.

We celebrate the Sacrament of The Lord’s Supper on a monthly basis, those wishing to partake, can collect their bread and wine, [which will be placed on a table at the entrance], when they come in.

NB. Person preparing bread and wine will be wearing gloves, bread and wine will be placed on the table in such a way that contamination can be avoided; glasses will be thoroughly washed after use.

B] Cleaning.

During the week commencing 8th June, the church had a thorough clean, this was carried out by a local cleaning firm, who are our regular cleaners.

We propose to leave doors open when possible. One person will be appointed to open and close doors and it will be their responsibility to clean door handles before and after the service. Whoever is working the computer and music system will be responsible for the cleaning of the work station.

Prior to closing building surfaces will be wiped down.

C] Good Hygiene.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the church entrance. Anti-bacterial wipes will be placed in toilets to wipe seat and toilet handle, [notices will be up instructing people to dispose of wipes in bin provided and not to flush in toilet]. Notices will be placed above sinks with instructions on hand washing procedure.

No hymn books or Bibles will be given out, however, people are welcome to bring their own.

The music books next to the piano and organ, can only be used by the pianist and organist.

The wearing of face masks will be optional. 

D] Information and guidance. 

Information of all the above will be on our web-site and notices will be displayed in and around the church and hall.

In case anyone present is later diagnosed with COVID 19, the appointed door-person will make a note of the names of all those present at each service/ prayer time. These records will be destroyed after a period of 3 weeks. 


A] Building

During the closure of our building, regular checks have been made and everything seems to be in good order.

B] Airing of Building.

The building will be well aired when we carry out the preparations for opening.

C] Electrical equipment, heating and water.

All electrical equipment, microphones, computer, music system etc, will be checked, heating and radiators will be switched on to make sure they are working and there are no leaks, taps will run for 20minutes and the toilets will be flushed twice as part of the preparations for opening.

A check list will be made so that each task can be dated and signed off by whoever does the check.

This risk assessment was carried out on Wednesday 17th June 2020 by Amelia Harrison, Kay White and Jean Merton.

This risk assessment has been approved by the Church Officials, and on condition all the above mentioned are put in place; the church will be ready to open for personal prayer and worship, as allowed by the Government..

Review date January 22nd 2020

We are still planning delivering the Lords message by posting on our Online Service page weekly services which we hope people will take part in for the next few weeks

This RA. will be reviewed every 6 months or if any changes of the Government guidelines deem this necessary

The Church Officials and members send the love and gods blessing to all 

Easter Weekend

To all who are visiting this site, old friends and new, on behalf of all the members of Easington Lane IM Church, I wish you a Blessed Easter. This weekend is the most important on the Christian calendar and it is sad that we are unable to join together to worship  and have fellowship one with another. However we are joined in spirit as we go through our readings and prayers, you are welcome to join with us using the service printed on this site. We pray, if He hasnt already done so, God will open your heart to the truth of the Easter message. Jesus died that we might Live. In these troubled times Jesus can give us the strength and courage we need. Take care and keep safe. God Bless. Jean 


We believe Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, who, having lived on earth the perfect human life, died on the cross to reconcile us to the Father; that He rose again from the dead and now is exalted Lord over all.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word to mankind. As Believers of the above, we are committed to living out our faith and explaining it to others as we are led by the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit.

It is our desire to see people, from all walks of life, to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Church Officials for 2022

President Jean Merton

Vice President Margaret Grey

Secretary Amelia Harrison

Assistant Secretary Kay White

Treasurer Vivienne Ford

Stewards Bill Pringle and Eddie Howe

Church Ministers 2020

Mary Grey

Jean Merton

Kay White (Student Minister)