Church Notice on the Corona Virus Pandemic

Date 28th June 2020

Following Government guidance we as a Church are looking to open our doors for worship commencing 5th July

The following Risk Assessment has been written and agreed by the officials of the church

                                  Easington Lane IM Church

RISK ASSESSMENT;  prior to opening building for personal prayer and eventually, worship.

Please note we have contacted our insurance company and the only stipulation they have made is that we adhere to the regulations issued by the government.

Until all restrictions are lifted we will be only using, the church, the hall and the toilets in the hall. Until instructed otherwise, no singing will be allowed.


A] Social Distancing.

B] Cleaning.

C] Good Hygiene

D] Information and guidance.


A] Building check,

B] Airing of building.

C] Checking all electric equipment, heating and water.


High Priority

A] Social Distancing

As we use pews, we propose to rope off some rows, if necessary remove some pews, and then mark where people can sit, making sure they are at the distance recommended by the government. If required, we can use chairs in choir, which will also be placed at the required distance. We will have a one-way system, [clearly marked] and people will be directed to use the available seats in order. The middle pews, which are longer will be available for use by those who share a home. 

The offering plates will be at the back of the church for people to use when they enter the building.

We celebrate the Sacrament of The Lord’s Supper on a monthly basis, those wishing to partake, can collect their bread and wine, [which will be placed on a table at the entrance], when they come in.

NB. Person preparing bread and wine will be wearing gloves, bread and wine will be placed on the table in such a way that contamination can be avoided; glasses will be thoroughly washed after use.

B] Cleaning.

During the week commencing 8th June, the church had a thorough clean, this was carried out by a local cleaning firm, who are our regular cleaners.

We propose to leave doors open when possible. One person will be appointed to open and close doors and it will be their responsibility to clean door handles before and after the service. Whoever is working the computer and music system will be responsible for the cleaning of the work station.

Prior to closing building surfaces will be wiped down.

C] Good Hygiene.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the church entrance. Anti-bacterial wipes will be placed in toilets to wipe seat and toilet handle, [notices will be up instructing people to dispose of wipes in bin provided and not to flush in toilet]. Notices will be placed above sinks with instructions on hand washing procedure.

No hymn books or Bibles will be given out, however, people are welcome to bring their own.

The music books next to the piano and organ, can only be used by the pianist and organist.

The wearing of face masks will be optional. 

D] Information and guidance. 

Information of all the above will be on our web-site and notices will be displayed in and around the church and hall.

In case anyone present is later diagnosed with COVID 19, the appointed door-person will make a note of the names of all those present at each service/ prayer time. These records will be destroyed after a period of 3 weeks. 


A] Building

During the closure of our building, regular checks have been made and everything seems to be in good order.

B] Airing of Building.

The building will be well aired when we carry out the preparations for opening.

C] Electrical equipment, heating and water.

All electrical equipment, microphones, computer, music system etc, will be checked, heating and radiators will be switched on to make sure they are working and there are no leaks, taps will run for 20minutes and the toilets will be flushed twice as part of the preparations for opening.

A check list will be made so that each task can be dated and signed off by whoever does the check.

This risk assessment was carried out on Wednesday 17th June 2020 by Amelia Harrison, Kay White and Jean Merton.

This risk assessment has been approved by the Church Officials, and on condition all the above mentioned are put in place; the church will be ready to open for personal prayer and worship, as allowed by the Government..

We are still planning delivering the Lords message by posting on our Online Service page weekly services which we hope people will take part in for the next few weeks

This RA. will be reviewed every 6 months or if any changes of the Government guidelines deem this necessary

The Church Officials and members send the love and gods blessing to all 

Easter Weekend

To all who are visiting this site, old friends and new, on behalf of all the members of Easington Lane IM Church, I wish you a Blessed Easter. This weekend is the most important on the Christian calendar and it is sad that we are unable to join together to worship  and have fellowship one with another. However we are joined in spirit as we go through our readings and prayers, you are welcome to join with us using the service printed on this site. We pray, if He hasnt already done so, God will open your heart to the truth of the Easter message. Jesus died that we might Live. In these troubled times Jesus can give us the strength and courage we need. Take care and keep safe. God Bless. Jean 


We believe Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, who, having lived on earth the perfect human life, died on the cross to reconcile us to the Father; that He rose again from the dead and now is exalted Lord over all.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word to mankind. As Believers of the above, we are committed to living out our faith and explaining it to others as we are led by the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit.

It is our desire to see people, from all walks of life, to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Church Officials for 2020

President Jean Merton

Vice President Margaret Grey

Secretary Amelia Harrison

Assisant Secretary Mary Grey

Organist Ann Pringle

Stewards Bill Pringle and Eddie Howe

Church Ministers 2020

Mary Grey

Jean Merton

Kay White (Student Minister)