Welcome to Easington Lane IM Church

From the Beginning

The church was founded in March 1881 as the  Christian Lay Church ( now known as the Independent Methodist Church  ) and met initially in the house of William Hardwick when a few members of the Wesleyan Church met to discuss the setting up of a ‘free’ church. 
Meetings were later held in the Co-operative Rooms and the Old Miners Hall
On the 29th May 1882, the members voted to join with other Lay’ Churches in the area, to form the Sunderland   Circuit, and later, the Northern Counties Christian Lay Churches’ Confederation.
With the confidence of support by the Confederation, the land was purchased to build the church.
The foundation stone of the present Church was laid on Good Friday 1884.
The opening of the Church for worship took place on Saturday 6th September 1884

Originally it was known as the  Easington Lane Lay Church and by 1909, it was changed to Easington Lane Independent Methodist Church

The early years were a struggle and the bell used and presented by Fred Edwards,  which is on display in the Church tells the story of how the Church nearly passed out of existence in its infancy.

A harmonium provided the original music for the Church,  but in 1913 the Pipe Organ was bought from the Church of England and installed which is still used today

In 1925 extensive alterations were undertaken to provide the Choir and underneath vesteries, the stain glassed windows were also installed

A hut which had been erected in 1929 for the use of the Sunday School, Youth Club and for Social Evenings until September 1955 when it was destroyed by a storm and a decision was made to have a permanent building constructed. 
Permission was granted to use bricks from local colliery houses which were being demolished to make way for  council housing stock.
The members of the church took on the task of cleaning and preparing the bricks, before carrying out the building of the schoolroom, which was opened 10th October 1959

The Church was re-panelled in 1973 – again by members and the Church partially carpeted in 1980 and completed in 1989

The Church and Sunday School were rewired and new lighting in the Church was carried out in 1991.
A new maple floor and partial wall boarding was installed in the Sunday School in 1993.

During 1995 – 1996 the stained glassed windows were repaired and fitted into UPVC double glazed units.
The Church sound system was upgraded in 1999 and the Church ceiling repainted in 2000.

In 2004, in order the Church to be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act work was carried out in the Church and Schoolroom.
The stage was removed from the schoolroom, and a new kitchen installed in that position. At the site of the old kitchen new toilets were built , including a toilet suitable for disabled people. A ramp was provided for disabled and wheel chair access from the hall to the toilets.  Also a passageway was constructed to give internal access from the back if the Church directly into the schoolroom. The work was completed and a service of dedication was held on 30th October.

The Christoan Endeavour celebrated its Centenary in 2005 with a special Rally.